Moped rider in Thailand smashes 'rear windscreen with his head' then rides off

A moped rider crashed into the back of a car and smashed the rear windscreen with his head - before quickly riding away.

The female driver stopped at a junction but the motorcycle rider appeared to not be paying attention.

In-car cameras show how he clattered into the rear of the vehicle with his head hitting the glass.

He appeared to regain his composure, albeit a little dazed, before quickly riding away in Nakhon Pathom, northern Thailand, on April 7.

The driver, who did not want to be named, wanted to find the road user to make him pay for the damage to her car.

She said: ''He should have been paying attention to the road.

"The accident is all his fault, he wasn't even wearing a helmet.

"Unfortunately, the camera did not film his registration plate.’’

Failure to stop after a traffic accident is illegal in Thailand as well as in most other countries.

The rider could face a fine for the incident as well as costs for damages to the vehicle.