More reservoirs dry out in Thailand amidst water shortage due to El Nino warm phase

Footage shows how a reservoir in northern Thailand has dried up due to the El Nino warm weather phase - forcing villagers to dig wells to pump water.

The lake in Nakhon Ratchasima is usually full - holding up to 160,000 cubic meters of water - for hundreds of locals in nearby villagers.

Video taken today shows how the bottom of the reservoir is bone dry and cracked while the banks have been exposed. Just small puddles of water to remain.

Locals in the Korat region of the province in northeastern Thailand have now begun digging wells in their garden to pump water for drinking, washing and cooking.

Somchaiy Yamkreng: ‘’Recently the water in the reservoir just seems to have disappeared. We can’t get tap water and have to collect it instead from wells. Three wells are pumping water into the reservoir but it is not enough. There is no rain.’’

Local government chief Sakul Suebsamran added: ‘’The reservoir has dried up and we’re using temporary solutions to add water to it.’’

The El Nino warm phase has intensified since February. It is caused by warm air accumulating in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean and it has affected a number of countries around the world.

Yesterday it emerged that a reservoir 700 miles away in Phuket, southern Thailand, had also dried out. Homes and business in the tourist destination have resorted to buying tankers full of water from private companies in neighbouring regions.

The video was captured today (April 4).