Morning Meeting With a Moose

Occurred on March 3, 2019 / Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Info from Licensor: "Went for a hike before skiing in Breckenridge CO, as we have many times before. Right as we crossed the stream from the parking lot to the forest over a small bridge, I let my dog Vicca off leash. She ran ahead and immediately spooked a moose that was sleeping on the ground 30 feet from the bridge. The moose initially was very peaceful but Vicca was scared and barked a few times and I told her to 'wait' which is her stay command. She lunged forward, agitating the moose. She charged us as I hid behind a tree as fast as I could! When she couldn't trample me, she retreated about 50 ft to another tree and turned and looked at me."