Mother and baby miraculously escape after jeep knocks them down on busy street

This is the heart-stopping moment a woman and her one-year-old daughter survive miraculously after a jeep knocks them down.

The jeep knocked down the mother and even passed over her missing her between the tyres. The child was flung aside and was picked up the bypassers.

Both the mother and daughter survived without major injuries.

The accident occurred at Uppinangadi village in Puttur Taluk in South India on February 10.

Police said a hotel caterer had stopped his jeep for a while on a busy street to make a delivery.

A local youth saw that the caterer had left the key behind and started the jeep to pull a prank but was unable to control the vehicle.

He rammed into two cars and four bikes before coming to a halt.

A crowd which assembled after accident thrashed the prankster and handed him over to the police.