Mother and baby pangolin taste freedom after being rescued from poachers

This is a heartwarming video of a rescued mom and baby pangolin enjoying their freedom after a long confinement.

Four poachers had caught the seven-year-old mother and her eight-month-old baby in a forest in Odisha, India.

They had confined the animals in a small wooden box for a long time as they tried to find a buyer for the endangered animals.

After getting information about poachers, Odisha police sent Wildlife staffer Subhendu Mallik to act as a decoy customer.

As the poachers negotiated with Mallik to sell the animals for 22 lakhs (24,000 GBP), a special task force of Odisha police raided the spot and rescued the two pangolins. They also arrested the four poachers.

The rescue team was pleasantly surprised to see the pangolins enjoying their freedom and moving around in curiosity. The mother pangolin even broke free while they were being transported and got too close to the driver for his comfort.

The scared man stopped the car and got off as the mother went around the steering wheel.

Senior police officer Dr. Satyajit Nayak, said: “We are investigating the case to see if there are any international links to the illegal trade.”

"We are very happy we saved the mother and baby from a gruelling death," said Mallik.

The animals have been sent to Nandankanan zoo for further care.

Pangolin, the world’s most poached animal, is illegally sold for its scales, meat and bones.