Mother's emotional reaction to gift after loss of her father

A mother's emotional reaction to a meaningful present from her daughter on her 50th birthday.

Twenty-one-year-old Kristie Edwards gifted her mother, Wendy, the license plates from her late grandfather (and Wendy's father)'s car.

"My grandad would have been 78, but he unfortunately took his own life in May 2018," Kristie said. "He was struggling mentally and I think he decided when his time was up as he wasn’t living his life to the fullest and felt as though he was being a burden to the family."

Kristie said her mum is one of the most wonderful people on earth and has been really affected by losing him like this. "He valued his reg plates seen as it said 'Dad 494x'." She added, explaining the significance of the number. "494x to my family means may god be with you till we meet again, we put it on all our texts, cards, letters and say it over the phone to one another. So it really has a big meaning behind it."

Kristie has recently set up a charity in her grandads memory called 'Tillie’s Thoughts' to promote awareness about mental health among the elderly. Her go fund me page is