Mother-Son Duo Pull Off Epic Dance Moves At High School Talent Show

An entertaining footage has emerged of Myers Park High School guidance counselor Ginny Jenkins and her son Scott perform during a "History of Dance" high school talent show, flaunting their happy feet into a dance routine, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Only by watching this mother-son duo <a href="">perform on stage</a> you would think they are peers. Ginny shows some serious dance skills and moves like a teenager! These two have mastered their dance routine and made a musical mix of popular songs, compiling them into a single hit!

Happy feets are moving as they dance to the well-known hits, <a href="">busting trendy moves</a>. These two are on their way to becoming famous! What a nice way of family bonding!

This impressive mother-son dance routine won over the audience, and quickly went viral, because everyone love a good dance video.

Watch as they dance happily together during the nearly five-minute-long “History of Dance” performance. “I thought it would be fun to do a little dance. I conned my son, who also likes to dance as much as I do, to do it with me,” says Ginny. “If you asked most of our friends, you know, we’re the dancing, goofy ones in the family for sure.”, Ginny and Scott agree.

It comes as no surprise that this video has more than 18 million views on Facebook alone and it was only posted on November 30th.

Credit to 'Myers Park High School' and 'Mkay and Scholar'.