Motorcyclist survives building collapse during tropical storms in Thailand

A lucky motorcyclist had a miraculous escape after a building collapsed onto him during a deadly tropical storm.

Sornchai Luenkathok, 16, had set off from his home when the heavy storm battered in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand.

He stopped under the public pavilion to shelter from the rain when the poles gave way. The roof and metal beams then collapsed on top of him.

Kwanchai Choengjorhor, who was also sheltering under the building but managed to quickly escape the collapse, called the rescue foundation after seeing the unconscious boy covered in blood.

Footage shows the officers from Sawang Metta Foundation lifting the roof up with the pile of bricks before slowly carrying the injured out of the debris.

The team spent 20 minutes to eventually rescue the young biker and send him to the hospital. His legs were broken while his head and shoulders were also wounded.

Manop Sangchan, the village chief of Hua Thaly Subdistrict, said that the incident was reported to the provincial government.

He said: ''The civil officers will check the damage and will plan to reconstruct the building. They will also support the injured during the treatment in the hospital.''

Sornchai has been recovering in hospital since the accident.

Thailand has been experiencing tropical storms for the last two weeks. Weather experts have said El Nino warm phase is partly to blame, having caused soaring temperatures and humidity.