Motorcyclists risk their lives ignoring level crossing barrier as trains approach

This level crossing has become a notorious traffic blackspot with thousands of motorcyclists ignoring the barrier every day.

The Makkasan junction is one of the busiest intersections in Bangkok with hundreds of cars and riders passing through every minute throughout the day.

But safety concerns have emerged as motorcyclists appear to pay little attention to the barriers or warning sirens, risking their lives to jump the crossing as trains approach.

Footage taken this week shows how scores of scooter riders regularly make last-minute dashes across the tracks or even duck under the barriers, with just seconds to spare before locomotives thunder past.

Calls are now growing for traffic police to take action to prevent road users from speeding across when the barriers are down.

Local shopkeeper Surachai Surin said: ‘’I live very near the crossing so I see every day how dangerous it is. The motorcyclists take the biggest risks. Sometimes I look at them and think they’re crazy. Something needs to be done to stop the dangerous behaviour.’’

Thailand has one of the highest rates of road deaths in the world, with an average of 22,491 people killed on roads every year, according to the World Health Organisation.