Motorists and pet dog survive horrific caravan crash in UK caught on dashcam

A truck driver passing through a major road in southwest England captured a horrific accident on his dashcam involving a car towing a caravan.

Filmed on Wednesday (August 21), a car towing a caravan overtakes on the right while travelling in Devon on the A380 dual carriageway, near Newton Abbot, before it starts to wobble seeing the vehicles roll over multiple times.

Debris from the car and caravan is scattered across the road preventing any other motorists from passing and a dog is spotted running away after the incident.

Dan Combellack, who caught this on his dashcam, told Newsflare: "Everyone was fine. Some small cuts from flying glass. Very lucky. The dog was ok."

Combellack commented online: "[They] came down the hill faster than me shall we say. As it gets to the bottom, the vehicles kind of bottom out which is what started the wobble I think.

"Extremely lucky. Whole passenger side crushed. Anyone else in there apart from 2 occupants would have been dead."