Mountain biker breaks collarbone after dramatic tumble

Beginner mountain biker Lucas Richter saw an opportunity to perform a stunt in front of his friends, but instead got a broken clavicle for his trouble.

The footage, shot earlier this year (July 15) in Santiago Oaks National Park in Orange County, California shows Richter succumbing to the perils of gravity and mother nature in one dramatic descent.

The broken collarbone did not stop the novice adrenaline junkie, as he eventually made his way down the hill.

Richter said: "I’m a beginner...I assumed I would die and gave my iPhone to my buddy, the older guys son to film me die."

He also commented: "My shoes were also tied tightly and the impact made one shoe go flying."

Since then his recovery has been uneven, with a later comment saying: "It’s been months and my AC is still really separated though. I’ve got this jagged rise in my shoulder."