Mysterious bright red flying object spooks villagers in northern Thailand

This mysterious red light spooked villagers as it hovered in the night sky in northern Thailand.

Resident Anusit Klangmoo, 30, was having a barbecue party with his friends when they spotted the object illuminating night sky in Phayao province last Tuesday (August 6).

The mysterious light could be seen floating in the dark for about two minutes before slowly falling down and disappearing behind an abandoned temple.

Onlooker Anusit said: ''At first we thought it was a firework or a sky lantern but the light was very bright and lasted longer than it should, so we thought it was very strange.''

Meanwhile, many old people living in the area believed that the strange light was a holy crystal ball which would bring wealth and fortune to the villagers.

Nuan Montien, who lived only 500 metres away from the old temple, said that the lights were often spotted around the temple and it is also a graveyard.

The pensioner, 70, said: ''We hadn't seen the holy crystal ball flying in the sky for a long time until it came again yesterday.

''Something good always happens to one of us in the neighbourhood every time the bright light shows up. So, I was very happy and excited to see it again.''