Naughty 3-year-old paints her face with chocolate while waiting in the car

When a father and his 3-year-old daughter in Wisconsin drove around looking for a lost dog, the young girl took the mischievous opportunity to paint her face up with a chocolate bar.

Adam Shea was talking to his daughter Scarlett while they were driving, before she suddenly went quiet. Thinking she was napping he looked in the rearview mirror and saw only what he described as "chocolate face paint" smeared on his daughter.

He had given her some snack bars for the journey and was still chewing one when he made the messy discovery.

In Shea's words: "Scarlett is a very curious and active little girl. She is constantly experimenting and getting into things.

"She also teaches her younger sister to explore as much as she can, too. Both girls keep us on our toes."

The mess took around 20 baby wipes to clean and covered the child seat, back of the car and Scarlett's puffy pink vest.