Near miss! UK tourists inches away from lightning strike

This is the moment a father and son were inches away from being struck by lightning in Tunisia yesterday (August 28).

Gareth Squance and his family from the UK were staying in Monastir on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea when adverse weather conditions struck.

Footage shows the tourists leaving a blustery outdoor terrace of the hotel with storm clouds overhead.

A bolt of lightning suddenly hits a building inches away from Squance and his son with a deafening crack.

Squance explained that he asked his child to move from the exact spot where the lightning hit, only moments before.

He told Newsflare: "My son ran into the cafe and put his fingers on his ears and shut his eyes, you can hear children screaming at the end.

"I felt very odd, almost supercharged, it was exhilarating but terrifying.

"My arm hair was fully raised for three to four hours after.

"My skin was goosebumps but I was sweating, I felt my heart arrhythmia kick in and had to take extra medication to regulate it.

"I got static shocks every time I touched something."