Needy female leopard spotted annoying her mate

A female leopard was tired of her mate ignoring her and repeatedly knocked the male to try and get his attention.

The footage filmed February 18, in Kruger National Park, shows the two leopards interacting in a rare sighting.

The filmer told Newsflare that it’s rare to see two leopards on safari together; “We were fortunate enough to come across a male and female leopard, lying on the sand of a dry riverbed. Both leopards looked tired, especially the male. Suddenly the female got up and approached the lazy looking male.

“It was clear that this female leopard wanted the attention of her male and she wanted it now. We were stunned by how adamant this female was to get her lazy male interested in her.”

After her advances were ignored the female ends up sitting on her mate and biting his head until he reacts.