Nepal honours police canines in 'day of the dogs' festival

Nepal's 'day of the dogs' took place yesterday, November 6, in a festival of colour that saw canines decorated with colourful dye and garlands to celebrate that special relationship with humans.

Footage of the festival shows dogs from the Central Police Dog Training School in Kathmandu, Nepal. These dogs are used for investigation, finding explosive or drugs and even in riot control and crime patrol.

So to celebrate on this day, the police dogs get the day off from being law-enforcers and instead are showered with love and affection. They are also given special treats including milk, eggs, meat or high-quality dog food.

Kukur Tihar - or 'day of the dogs' - takes place on the second day of the annual weeklong autumn Hindu festival of Tihar. Nepalese Hindus celebrate the 'day of the dogs' the day before Diwali every year.

The filmer said of the day: "[Day of the dogs] is dedicated solely to the celebration and pampering of canines for their cherished relationship with humans."

Dogs are believed by tradition to be messengers and guard-dogs for Lord Yamaraj, the Hindu god of death.