New Big Mouth Billy Bass vs. DIY Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass

In this funny instructional video the filmer explains how two voice-activated 'fish devices' work. As he does so both Billy Bass' respond when their names are called which adds to the video's hilarity.

The filmer asks the smaller Alexa-compatible Billy Bass what the temperature is and in a funny response the 'fish' pops up and moves its mouth in perfect sync with the audio from Alexa.

The larger Billy Bass is powered by Raspberry Pi and tells a joke after popping up hilariously when the words 'Billy Bass' are spoken by the filmer.

Footage shows the two devices being compared by voice activation from the filmer. The filmer also demonstrates that the red button on the Alexa device doesn't work after it has been bluetooth paired.

In a hilarious cap to the video the filmer asks Alexa to play 'The Greatest Showman' soundtrack to which the Alexa-compatible Billy Bass gets his groove on.