New footage of Indonesian tsunami emerges as rescue efforts are called off

Nearly two weeks after the Sulawesi tsunami, rescue searches are being called off; even as new footage emerges of the tsunami striking the beach of Talise in Palu, Central Sulawesi, on September 28.

Video filmed by Sigit Lembah from near the Ponulele bridge at Talise beach caught the moment the wave struck the town.

Lembah met two friends around the Ponulele bridge, then at around 6:00 pm the 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck, causing significant damage to buildings around them.

One of his friends fell into a fissure that opened up in the road. After saving his friend and seeing the waves begin to rise, they ran back towards the Ponulele bridge. They and a number of other residents went up the upper floor of a nearby building and watched the advancing waves.

So Lembah turned on his cellphone and started recording video, having to flinch as a powerline struck the building, saying: "The atmosphere was increasingly tense because we saw a second wave which was very high about 8 meters. We saw water rising 30 meters towards us. Instantly the place where we took refuge was hit by an electric pole. After the tsunami water shrank then we came down from the place and ran to find a place safety."