Newlyweds have 'muddy' first dance in typhoon-hit village

Two newlyweds had their first dance ankle deep in mud after a typhoon turned their village into a quagmire.

Rose Jean Pasilan, 25, and Jonel Noynay, 25, were all smiles at the church ceremony in Masbate, Philippines, on December 29.

But when the bride and groom moved to the local village for their outdoor reception, they were greeted with thick sludge that each of them sank into.

Rose's pearl white dress ended up covered in brown mud and she appeared emotional as she looked down at the ground.

While her husband, Jonel, danced nervously to blaring techno music as the DJ tried to brighten up the atmosphere.

The wedding was just 24 hours after Typhoon Usman made landfall in the Philippines, where it caused heavy rain, flooding and landslides.

Rose said that despite the poor conditions, they were determined to carry on with their big day.

She said: ''My husband and I have planned our wedding for a long time. I didn't want anything to stop us. The mud made our first dance a bit uncomfortable, but at least it wasn't raining.

''The mud was not going to stop me, I had to do our first dance because that is the tradition.

''I just wanted to carry on with everything and make the best of it. It was still the happiest day of my life.''