No barriers for deaf Scottish DJ who plays sets in Ibiza

A deaf DJ is determined to prove his disability is no obstacle by playing sets at some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza.

John McDevitt, 37, grew up unable to hear anything and rarely went clubbing or to gigs as a shy teen.

But when he started studying music production at college, John was inspired to start going out. The buzz he got from gigs quickly became a new excitement when he discovered raves and was able to feel the vibrations of the speakers standing next to them.

After getting state-of-the-art hearing aids, John discovered a whole new world of sounds and started to listen to house and disco, with 1980s Chicago house guru Frankie Knuckles still one of his greatest inspirations.

Quickly, dance music became a part of his life, and nearly 10 years ago he got himself a set of decks and decided to try his hand at mixing.

Since then he has played clubs in Glasgow and London and was even invited to Ibiza where he took to the decks at Soul House and club Savannah.

But his ultimate goal lies closer to home, hoping to one day be invited to perform at Sub Club in Glasgow.

Due to his hearing aids John, from Newarthill in Motherwell, says he has to wear his headphones in a ‘weird way’, but said that without them in it was ‘pointless’ trying.

Advances in technology, both in terms of hearing aids and also mixing decks, have also made his passion possible.

John, who works full time as a support worker at Glasgow Dental Hospital, said: ‘It is tricky because if you say you are deaf people are going to trust people who don’t have a disability. But I’m always proving myself.’

The footage was captured last Friday (February 1).