No kidding: NYC goats being honored

A group of goats got honored in Manhattan yesterday (August 1) — no kidding around.

The G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) awards were presented to the top members of the group of 24 at 120th Street and Riverside Drive.

The winning goat is Massy! The 166 lb. goat seemed thrilled with her first place ribbon and winning bouquet of weeds, presented by the Riverside Park Conservancy.

The goats have become a sensation throughout the city since arriving this past spring, and thousands of Upper West Siders voted for their favorite.

The animals were commissioned to New York City as a part of Riverside Park Conservancy's Woodland Restoration Initiative.

The Riverside park is filled with invasive species of plants, poison ives particularly vines that grow quickly and aggressively.

Goats have the ability to consume 25% of their body weight in vegetation, they have four stomachs so these hungry herbivores can rid the area of plants without using harmful chemical and their fecal matter adds rich nutrients back into the soil.