Now that's a gate-crasher! Hungry elephant breaks into Indian home

A family in eastern India was left terrified recently when an elephant smashed through their gate and broke into their home looking for food.

Dramatic security camera footage showed the elephant barging into the house after knocking down down a metal entrance gate.

The incident took place at a village near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, India, on March 21.

Pittu Datta, a local politician, had bought a strong metal gate to secure his new home from burglars but that proved to be no defence against a hungry elephant.

The lone tusker, which had entered the town from a nearby forest, pulled down gate effortlessly and went inside.

It destroyed the plants in the garden after eating some of them and ransacked everything it could find.

The elephant even tried to knock down the walls although they held firm.

The disappointed elephant, which was not able to find much to eat, then left the home after flinging the broken gate aside.

Pittu Datta said: “This elephant has knocked down many homes in the village to find food. We are fed up with the menace but the forest department is yet to act on our complaints.”