NYPD catch innocent drivers in 'ticket trap' on the eve of Thanksgiving

This was the brazen moment traffic officers from the NYPD were preying on drivers stuck in traffic on the eve of Thanksgiving yesterday evening (November 21).

Drivers returning to their families for the holiday were caught out at a possible 'ticket trap' in New York, where a traffic intersection had no crossing guards, meaning many cars were left immobile in the crossing itself.

In the bumper-to-bumper traffic, police then waited around a corner and pounced on drivers 'illegally' sited with $115 tickets.

Scotty Jay, who filmed the incident said: "I was leaving the city going to the Holland tunnel for about 8 blocks there was a traffic guard or two helping people get through the intersection.

"When you got to this one intersection which was super quiet in regards to other cars crossing over there were about 12-15 cops waiting to catch people who got stuck in the intersection... it was a total trap!

"Terrible, terrible and shameful for NYPD to do this money grab at a time when they should be giving back! It was kind of like they were getting people stuck in order to give them tickets!"