Ocean dentistry? Diver gets teeth brushing from cleaner shrimp

While scuba diving in Vanuatu a scuba diver spotted a family of cleaner shrimp on an underwater shipwreck and decided to go for an unorthodox tooth cleaning.

The diver, filmed on February 19, got level to the shrimps' home and removed his regulator out of his mouth, causing the shrimp to then climb onto his mouth and start to clean his teeth.

The cleaner shrimp is a unique type of ocean creature, as they are able to approach much larger fishes in order to 'clean' them by eating parasites off their bodies.

The filmer commented: "This is a great way to get your teeth cleaned. Not all shrimp do this only particular kinds. You must stay very still while they clean otherwise they will jump off.

"This is just one of the many wonders of the underwater world and the awesome world of SCUBA diving!"