Oddly satisfying ice cream roll in Vietnam

The "ice cream roll" video was shot on the street in Hanoi, Vietnam on July 27. The video shows that there are many customers watching and buying to enjoy delicious ice cream rolls that are hard to resist.

Ice cream roll (also known as fried ice cream) is one of the strange delicacies, smoking eyes.

This dish has a delicious taste, eating ice cream but feels a soft, fatty taste.

Ice cream roll is made from fresh ingredients such as milk ice cream, fresh fruit, sweet jam and topping with candies, cereals, milk ... depending on the taste.

A full-fledged ice cream roll is priced around 15,000-20,000 VND

Ice cream is placed on a cold pan, stir-fry after 1-2 minutes, stir well, then spread the ice cream into a flat surface and roll it up, adding a very eye-catching topping.

Diners are also observed how to make this unique dish. The cream, milk, fruit and jam mixture you choose will be put on a cold pan, stirring constantly like sautéing ice cream, to make the cream smooth and thicker. After achieving the perfect smoothness, the operator will spread the cream, Roll the cream into small rolls, give the cup and spread topping.