Officials have close encounter with rogue elephant

This is the moment a rogue elephant came face-to-face with officials who were tracking it.

While the elephant, Chinna Thambi did not make any attempt to attack them, the officials had no choice but to retreat.

Chinna Thambi was captured and shifted from Thagadam forest after local villagers protested that it had become a menace with its crop-raiding habits.

Instead of staying put in its new home at Varagaliar forest, Chinna Thambi is trekking across the region visiting villages and stopping at farms for lunch.

Forest officials, who are following the radio-collared behemoth, have made several futile attempts to send it back to the forest.

Since January 26, when Chinna Thambi was released, he has travelled more than 100 kms.

Forest officials said Chinna Thambi was too used to raiding crops for an easy meal and will never stay in the forest.

Tamil Nadu Forests Minister D C Sreenivasan said: "There is no other option left. It has to be captured again and tamed."