Oil tanker crashes into another vessel at port in Taiwan

CCTV captured the moment an oil tanker lost control and ploughed into the side of another vessel.

Taiwanese vessel Kinshing first collided with a Japanese cargo ship named Setsu Maru then moments later struck the side of chemical tanker Der Yun, which is seen in the video.

Security cameras show it smash into the side of the vessel which was birthed at the Port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan on November 3. It suffered bow damages.

The Setsu Maru sustained minimal damage and was allowed to embark on its voyage to the Japanese island of Okinawa.

CPC Corporation, the Taiwanese company that owns the Der Yun tanker, confirmed the collision. It also said there no casualties or oil spill as a result.

''But there was a water tank rupture on the left side of the hull,'' a maritime official stated.