Old Chinese man runs towards parked car and pretends to be hit by it in attempted scam

An old Chinese man ran towards a car parked on a roadside in northern China and lay down beside it to pretend it had hit him.

The funny video, shot in Dalian City in Liaoning Province on February 20, shows an old man running to throw himself on a car which is parked on the side of a road from more than a dozen metres away. Then he can be seen lying down beside the car.

According to the car driver, she stopped her car in front of a shop and was talking on the phone inside.

However, she saw an old man run towards her car and throw himself on the hood of her vehicle before lying down beside it.

The driver came out to talk with the man but he refused to leave until she called the police.

The old man's action is called "Peng Ci" in China, which means "breaking porcelain", and it has been expanded to describe the scammers' actions of faking injuries in traffic accidents in order to extort money from drivers.