Old man has fun scaring people with his toy snake

This old man knows how to have fun in his old age – scaring youngsters by dragging a toy cobra behind him.

The pensioner was seen with an amused grin on his face walking through a packed market in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on Monday night (October 1).

He was getting his retirement kicks by pulling a rubber snake behind him which was tied to his walking stick with an invisible fishing line.

Amusing footage shows startled passers-by jumping with fright when they notice the realistic appearance of the reptile moving slowly along the ground.

Onlooker Prink Hodhod said: ''The old man looked like he was having a lot of fun. He smiled every time one of the people saw the snake and was scared.

''Snakes are a real danger in Thailand and we often have them outside, so it was easy for people to believe the snake was real.''