On top of the world: Siberian Husky enjoys paragliding 3,500 feet above ground in northern India

A breathtaking video has emerged of a Siberian Husky paragliding nearly 3,500 feet above ground in northern India.

The footage was filmed on June 30 in Manali town, a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh state.

Visuals show the Husky, Nawab, paragliding with its owner Rohan Tyagi, above the picturesque landscape.

Nawab, wearing a red collar, is seen sitting on the lap of Mr. Tyagi and enjoying the marvellous adventure.

Both Tyagi and Nawab were accompanied by two pilots for the adventure. While one person is seen sitting in a harness, suspended below the wing of the paraglide, the other person accompanied them in another paragliding equipment.

Astonishingly, Nawab is seen sitting still and not disturbed by the motion of the paragliding activity.

Nawab is one-year-old now and was brought from Hyderabad city in Telanagana state when it was around 28 days old.