Oncoming motorist slides out of control and nearly strikes a police officer

As this next round of winter weather moves in, we would like to remind people to SLOW DOWN! In this squad video during a recent snowstorm, you will see Deputy Jason Fabry, who was assisting a motorist who slid into the ditch just off camera to the right, walking back onto the highway. As he does so, an oncoming motorist slides out of control and nearly strikes him. This spinout could have been deadly for Deputy Fabry, or for an oncoming vehicle. Thankfully, no one was struck or injured, but this video serves as a great example of people driving too fast for conditions and putting the life of a deputy at great risk. Unfortunately, this is an all too common event that just happened to be captured by a squad camera. Please SLOW DOWN, give yourself EXTRA TIME to make it to your destination, and DRIVE SAFE, especially around emergency vehicles. Our lives depend on it!

Credit: Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office