One killed and 14 injured after rocket misfires into crowd at festival in Thailand

One spectator was killed and fourteen others injured when a 15-foot-long rocket exploded into the audience at a festival in Thailand on June 2.

Hundreds of residents were watching the annual rocket festival in Nong Bua Lamphu when the homemade device misfired.

Organisers were pouring fuel into six-inch-wide pipes loaded onto a bamboo contraption to prepare for the show when they suddenly heard an explosion coming from one of the rockets.

Footage shows how clouds of smoke poured into the air and sparks flew across the ground as the bamboo rocket surged forwards through the audience.

Spectators were heard screaming as they dived out of the way as the rocket surged through the crowd.

Local Nurit Chaising, 60, was instantly killed when debris hit his skull while fourteen other residents were seriously injured and taken to the nearest hospital.

Rescuers and police from Non-Sang police station arrived and rushed to help those who were lying on the ground and crying in pain.

The police spokesman Colonel Krissana Patanacharoen said today (June 3) that more officers from the Police Forensic Science office and staff are investigating the scene for the cause of the deadly explosion.

The spokesman said: ''The doctor’s currently performing the autopsy on the dead body while we’re also questioning some of the witnesses in the festival.

''We’re collecting more evidence and also searching for the owner and those who involved for interrogation. If they are found guilty, they will be charged for causing death or injury to others.''

Following the accident, the governor ordered to stop the event and contact the medical staff immediately after the chaos. The event was cancelled for the rest of the day.