Oops! Home Workouts Gone Wrong

LISTEN! The hardest part of starting a new work out plan is getting started. Which is why many people begin their workout program at home. Now that I think about it - the hardest part about working out might be the workout fails - ESPECIALLY considering the hilarious fails in this video compilation. Before getting into the at home workout fails in this video I want to say, NEVER GIVE UP. Regardless of how hard you fall, you should laugh off all of your fails or mishaps and get back in the game. Now! Let’s dive right into these hilarious fails! My question for you is which of these three fails from the compilation makes you cringe the hardest? The first clip of a woman lifting the ottoman before it falls directly on her face (thankfully it was fully cushioned)? Or what about the gentleman walking on the treadmill (:28 seconds)? He is sashaying his way down the runway… I mean on the treadmill until he trips and goes FLYING off! Or, was it the man who created his own stationary bike in his garage (1:15)? I would have to say the most cringe-worthy clip goes to the guy who made his own stationary bike in the garage. He gets points for not only being proactive when it comes to working out but also for his creativity. Only problem is that as soon as he starts going, he and the bike sadly and slowly fall to the ground. Here’s the kicker… his son run towards the scene of the crime screaming “oh! I saw that, I saw you fall”. Watch the clip and share your funny workout stories in the comment section below! Remember to keep those cameras safely rolling! UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO NOW: http://www.afv.com/upload