Orangutan can’t stop kissing woman at Colorado zoo

This orangutan seemed to have a crush on this zoo visitor and he couldn’t stop kissing her.

Footage captured at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado shows the woman giving kisses to the orangutan through the glass door.

‘’Oh my goodness look at you. You are so beautiful,’’ says the woman to the ape in the video.

The orangutan kisses her back amid the laughter of onlookers.

''As an animal lover and animals rights advocate I love visiting the best zoo in the nation Cheyenne Mountain zoo where animals enjoy mountainous habitat and excellent care contributing to ongoing educational programs,'' writes the filmer.

''I have always had a special connection to animals and they have always interacted with me. I know they sense the immense love and respect I have for them and they have never feared me. From dolphins to wild boars, from birds to elk, I have enjoyed a lifetime of magical interactions with animals.''

The clip was captured on October 25.