Oreo's Howls Help Comfort Baby

Occurred on April 21, 2021 / Dickinson, North Dakota, USA

Info from Licensor: I was making Pico de Gallo to go with my lunch while my son Kylo was asleep in his boppy pillow on the couch. Kylo woke up and started to fuss so I gave him a pacifier and continued to make my salsa. My dog Oreo, as usual, climbed up on the couch to snuggle up to Kylo. Kylo spit out his pacifier again and started to cry for some attention. As I stopped chopping to go comfort my son, Oreo started howling and talking to Kylo. At that moment I picked up my phone and started to record to show my husband how sweet of a moment it was. Kylo stopped crying in response to Oreos howling as he realized he was not alone. I then brought my son into the kitchen while I finished making my lunch.