Oreo Prank Pulled by Parent

Occurred on April 1, 2021 / Skandia, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: I have 8 children. 7 are adopted. I have 6 boys and they are always pulling pranks on each other so I wanted to get all my children. Our family loves having fun whether it’s family game night, strength competitions or pranks. We have such a big family that we are always in competition or getting “one up on each other “. This time it was Mom's turn. I stayed up late to sabotage the one thing my family loves and pretty much eats every day. I’m talking every day. So after my kids were in bed I snuck downstairs in my pjs and grabbed all dark food coloring colors so it would be camouflaged by the dark cookie. When they woke up the next morning I had the cookies on the counter so they could throughout the day grab a cookie and go. As the day progressed my kids fell right into my plan and BAM! Mom wins. My kids all had a cookie and the rest is history. Their mouths were still stained the next day. They actually laughed and my husband gave me a high five for thinking of such a great prank. It was “too easy”. I took advantage of what I knew they would eat because it’s a daily part of their day. Another April Fools Day in the books.