Orphaned kangaroo drinks from bottle like a baby at Australian wildlife centre

An adorable joey was rescued after his mother was hit by a car and passed away.

The clip, filmed August 12 in Burra, New South Wales shows the joey being bottle-fed by rescuer Debra Muscat.

“Kangaroos are not very road smart and frequently get hit on rural roads around Australia, the New South Wales area around Canberra are some of the worst for roadkill with many kangaroos being hit.

“Unfortunately kangaroos often do not survive an altercation with a car, however, the joeys often do survive and they end up coming into care as an orphan. Wildcare carers, rehabilitate these joeys to allow them to be released into the wild when they grow up,” the filmer told Newsflare.

Debra Muscat and her husband Paul are wildlife carers for Wildcare Queanbeyan in New South Wales.