Out of control minibus steams across road and crashes through bank in southern China

An out of control minibus crashed into a bank after steaming across a road in southern China.

The dramatic video, shot in Heshan city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on August 5, shows the minibus pushing a three-wheeler out of the way before making its way across the road.

After speeding across the road the vehicle then slammed into a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China through a glass window.

A bank employee sitting with her back towards the glass window was pushed forward by the out of control minibus.

After the vehicle stopped, she came out of the debris and walked out of the office.

The bank staff was hit by a piece of glass fragments on her head and had injuries.

According to reports, the vehicle was not in good condition and the brake had something wrong. The minibus driver was blamed for the incident.