Over-turned truck that spilled 80,000 cans of beer sends locals into a looting frenzy

This is the moment locals were sent into a looting frenzy after 80,000 cans of beer spilt from an overturned lorry in Thailand.

Driver Somporn Primjarus, 58, was delivering the boxes to a warehouse when he lost control on a corner and toppled over on January 11 in Phuket.

The cans of fresh Leo beer were sent sprawling onto the road - causing hundreds of residents to descend on the scene and loot the alcohol after the crash at sunrise.

Driver Somporn said: ''I was only one kilometre away from the logistics centre which was waiting for the beer.

''I went around the corner and could not keep control of the truck. I don't know how it happened. I think the road was slippy or because it was dark.''

Several street food stalls, cars, and shop fronts were damaged also damaged, causing more chaos in the area.

Locals rushed to the area to collect the beer - prompting police to warn that they could be arrested for theft. Four residents were later arrested for theft.

Lieutenant Colonel Sompong Thip-aphakun from Phuket City Police said that the investigation would look at the causes of the crash and the subsequent thefts.

He said: ''In the case of an accident, the traffic officer must investigate the truck driver due to the damage to the properties. Another part is the group of people who went to collect cans. They can be charged for theft.

''The logistics company who owns the beer trailer has reported the thefts. Officers will proceed the investigation which is not difficult since there are clips and pictures posted in the social media.''