Panic-stricken mother dog attempts to stop cars after her puppy was ran over

Heartbreaking footage shows how a frantic mother dog was barking at passing cars to try and help her puppy after he was knocked over.

The family of stray dogs had been living by the side of the road in La Paz town, Iloilo City, the Philippines, where locals treated them as ''community pets''.

But while the mother dog was scavenging for food, one of the puppies wandered off and was hit by a passing car. The driver did not stop to check on the puppy and left the scene.

The grief-stricken mother dog refused to give on her lifeless puppy and began frantically barking at passing vehicles - even standing in front of them trying to make them stop.

Tragically, none of the drivers pulled over to help and the motionless puppy was left unattended before dying.

A local shopkeeper filming the incident said she was roused by the barking and went to help but was unable to cross the road.

She added: '''The dog was so distressed, we tried to help the puppy but the mother dog was very upset so it was hard to get near to them.

''Village council officers came after a few hours, but the mother had already disappeared with her two other puppies. We don't know where she took them.''