Passenger scales car with furniture stacked 20ft high to clear power lines

This was the unusual scene as a passenger climbed onto a pick-up truck stacked 20-feet-high with furniture to free it after it became stuck on overhead power cables.

The vehicle had just pulled away from traffic lights in Korat, southern Thailand, this morning (February 22) when the bamboo armchairs at the top of the pile snagged on wires.

Without wanting the whole load to be dragged down, the driver sent his passenger to climb onto the top of the truck.

Footage from the passenger in the car behind shows how the fearless helper, with little regard for health and safety, carefully untangled the power cables from the wooden furniture.

Driver, Kajorn, 36, said: ''This wasn't safe. The load was much too high and they aren't allowed to climb on top of the truck like that.

''I'm sure that if the police had seen it they would have given them a traffic fine.''