Passengers stranded in Toronto airport as WOW Air ceases operations

Passengers attempting to board a WOW airlines were left stranded at Toronto Pearson International airport as the airline ceased operations.

Footage captures a member of staff telling a crowd of angry passengers they have to come back at 8:30pm local time on March 27.

The filmer explained: “Once we checked, several gate changes were announced and finally we were told to collect our bags due to technical difficulties, everyone was very upset and demanded more info.

“WOW staff advised they will get us more information at the check-in counter. We were told there was an operational problem and at around 10:30pm we were told there the flight was cancelled and no support to anyone except a coupon for $11 per person for a snack.

“Everyone had to go home. One person had a panic attack and the police had to be called.

“We were then taken to pick our baggage and were told to make our own arrangements and that we will receive an email with details.”

Airport terminals globally have been affected by the airline’s business failings leaving thousands stranded.