Passengers watch on as bus flips over in raging river in the Philippines

This is the dramatic moment passengers who fled to safety watched as their bus flipped over after getting stuck in a swollen river.

The yellow jeepney packed with locals tried to power through the raging torrent after heavy rain in Magsaysay town, Davao del sur province, the Philippines on July 5.

But the current was too powerful for the vehicle and it became stuck halfway across the swollen Bulatukan river after hours of heavy rain.

Footage shows how residents tried to drag the bus to safety moments before the surging river flipped the vehicle onto the side.

Town official Anthony Allada said that the jeepney was carrying passengers and bags of rice and supplies to last the nearby village until the storm had ended.

He said: ''The only bridge is undergoing a major repair. But residents can normally cross the river where they have piled up rocks and sand as a makeshift road.

''However, the heavy rains have caused a rise in the water level making it hard for the people and vehicles to make it in and out of the town.''

Normally the bus would cross through the water without problem on the raised mound that villagers had created.

But after the heavy rain, the river was swollen and the current too powerful.

Local official Anthony said that nobody was hurt during the dangerous cross as they were all carried out to safety by kind locals who rushed to help.

He added: "The water came from the mountains after heavy rain. A backhoe was also requested by the municipal office to help pull the jeepney from the middle of the river. Everyone was safe, but their supplies were wet."