Passerby rescues drowning puppy from a canal in Manilla, Philippines

A stranded puppy struggling to stay afloat was rescued by a passersby after it fell into a canal in Manila, the Philippines on May 16.

Dennis Ferrer and brother Jessie were on their way home from work when they heard faint whimpering from under the bridge.

Dennis said: "We thought it was a puppy because of its small voice. My brother saw the puppy was trapped on the shallow part of the canal."

His brother looked for a stick to try and pry the stranded puppy out from its trap.

"We don't know how it got there, it could have been an accident, or it could also have been dog owners who didn't know what to do with their dogs pups."

The brothers took the puppy home with them. According to Dennis a neighbour is now taking care of the rescued puppy .