Pensioner has his dogs pull him around in bamboo sleigh after walking becomes too hard

A frail pensioner in the Philippines was unable to walk and so tried an alternative mode of transport, and now is pulled along by his beloved pet dogs in a bamboo sleigh.

The elderly man, known only as Vic, adopted the street dogs who stay with him in his home in Pigcawayan town, North Cotabato, the Philippines.

Vic, who is in his late 60s, has trouble walking and made himself a bamboo sleigh-style cart complete with harnesses for his pet Aspin dogs.

Footage taken on November 1 shows how Vic uses his clever contraption to travel around the streets in the remote tropical region.

The dogs get exercise by pulling him along, while Vic gets a mode of transport that saves his legs the strain.

The charming video was taken by local veterinarian Charlimagne Fugata who has treated the old man's dogs when they have had illnesses.

Charlimagne said: ''On that day, Vic had to do an errand but his feet could no longer bear the distance so he used his lightweight carriage. He takes care of his dogs well and feed them. He is a good man.

''Using the bamboo cart is good for the dogs, as they go for a walk and get good exercise. They also do strength training and discipline tasks for when to stop and go. It's a beautiful bond between human and dog.''

Vic owns nine dogs, all are Aspin breeds, that were either given as gifts by neighbours or abandoned, so he rescued them.

The pensioner currently lives at a small hut at the back of a restaurant. The owner of the place allowed him to stay for free in exchange of guarding it at night.