People can't escape from slippery 'ice prison' at Russian winter sports park

An ice park in northeast Russia had an interesting attraction open to visitors that proved very slippery and entertaining to try and get out of.

Video of the attraction, filmed on March 11, shows people trying to escape a so-called 'ice prison', or ice crater that is extremely slippery and difficult to climb out of, at the Oktem Park around 50 km south of the city of Yakutsk, Yakutia.

Despite forming human bridges and attempting to push each other out, none of the five people in the crater could get out, and kept sliding back into the centre.

In Yakutia, winter outdoor activities usually take place from late February to mid-April as it is reportedly too cold to go outside earlier in the winter.

From the months of November to February, temperatures can range from -30°C to -71°C, however from the end of February it starts to warm up from -15°С to -45°С by night and -25°C to 0°С during the afternoons.

The 'ice prisons' have been part of the park's attractions since 2010, and are made when a pit is dug out on a frozen reservoir or lake.

Usually, few people are able to get out on their own, so when a person gets tired of sliding inside the pit, they ask a nearby employee of the attraction to help them get out.