Piglet born with elephant ears and trunk on its head in rural Thailand

This baby piglet amazed locals after it was born with elephant ears and a trunk on its forehead.

The adorable little farm animal was in a litter of nine in Pho Chai district, Roi Et Thailand last Saturday (26/07) morning.

Seven of the pigs were healthy but there were two mutants - one of which died.

Now the surviving 'elephant pig' is fighting on and living a life of luxury, with villagers making offerings and praying to him.

Alongside the trunk on its head, the piglet, nicknamed Moo Noi, even has extra-wide jumbo ears just like an elephant.

The farmer Prasart Malasin, 54, said: "I never saw this kind of piglet before. Sadly, one of the two died immediately after it came out.

"However, I will raise the other one with care because I believe it will bring good fortune to our family.''

The neighbours were excited and crowded round to see the 'elephant pig', worshipping, making offerings, and trying to interpret hidden meaning in the day it was born in order to choose lottery numbers.

Prasart added: ''Everybody in the village has made donations for him. He's having a good life. We take extra care of him and he gets more attention than his siblings.''