Pillion passenger wears helmet the wrong way round

This is the hilarious moment a motorcycle passenger needs teaching how to wear a helmet - after he was seen riding with it the wrong way round.

A passing delivery driver noticed the oddly fitting white hard hat on Orchard Road in Singapore on October 12 during his Friday morning commute.

In the footage, the driver and his workmate pull up next to the motorbike and say ''Abang (brother), this helmet wrong side, lah''.

The motorcyclist rider also seemed unaware that his pillion rider had his helmet on backwards joined in laughing at him.

The truck driver then told the pillion rider should wear the helmet the correct way to avoid being fined by traffic police.

Speaking after, the driver who was delivering printers at the time, said: ''This happened on Friday 12 oct 18. We were on our way to deliver our printer machine. It was at the junction with Killiney road.

''The passenger caught my eye because was wearing his helmet the wrong way. We followed them for a while and wanted to tell him because we were in the town area and there is a lot of traffic police, that love to fine people.

''When we stopped at the traffic light we told them about it. I took out my phone and record it. We were just helping him and it was very funny at the same time.

''They were very friendly and fun to talk to. I'm not trying to make fun of him or anything just helping a guy for before getting fine.''