Pizza Delivery Driver Enjoys Playing a Game of Surprise

Occurred on July 10, 2020 / Lake Arrowhead, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "We decided to order pizza. I tipped him on the app when ordering. Then I asked my kids 'hey do you wanna play a game when pizza gets here?' We got some cups hid money under them and set it all up on the porch.
I explained to my kids that people are working very hard during the covid pandemic and we are showing our appreciation and also we get to make someone very happy
The driver arrived with the pizza, we thanked him and asked 'Hey do you wanna play a game?' He said 'Yes, sure.' He was so very happy. He couldn't believe he got to keep all the money. We thanked him for his hard work during this crazy time. It made our day and my kids learned a good lesson while having fun."