Police filmed 'accelerating quickly' after being egged on by spectators on same road Stevenage crash happened

Footage filmed on July 12 shows a police car "accelerating quickly" down the same road in Stevenage where a crash occurred, leaving 17 people injured yesterday (July 18).

According to the filmer: "The police car stops briefly and is taunted by street racing spectators shouting 'send it' - slang for accelerating quickly in a racing fashion.

"The police then accelerate away at speed. This is significant as yesterday (July 18) there was a horrible car accident in Stevenage on this exact spot where 17 young people have been seriously injured."

Thursday evening saw 17 people injured on the A602 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire after two cars collided in an illegal street race gathering.

Hertfordshire Police have been contacted for a comment on the incident.